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Now It's Easy To Customize Your Newsletters

MyCustom   RAINMAKER MyCustom™ is a service that allows newsletter subscribers to customize their newsletter content every issue on Page 4. With MyCustom you can login from any computer with Internet access (no extra software is needed) and select layouts and content from your MyCustom Catalog. Edit your text. Upload property photos (optional). Review a "proof" online. MyCustom is that easy. Your customized content will appear in your next newsletter issue!

What MyCustom Does For You
  • Cut the cost of your newsletter marketing by selling ads to local sponsors/partners and send newsletters for no cost or low cost.
  • Promote your featured listings for maximum marketing (sellers love it!).
  • Localize content for your market and target communities.
  • Include the most up-to-date property and market sales data -- you can change your MyCustom content as close as seven days before mailing.
  • Offer fresh local material every month to grab reader's attention.
  • Set-it-and-forget-it to have the same content appear month after month until you change it.
  • Easily alternate content monthly with custom offer, latest listings, sponsor ads, etc.
How MyCustom Works
Getting Started Is As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3

Set Up MyCustom Account -- Order Rainmaker Newsletters and ask Gooder Group Customer Service to activate a MyCustom account for you (pay-per-issue-printed on your newsletter schedule).
  1. Log In -- Use any computer with Internet access (no special software needed).
  2. Select Layout -- Choose template from your Catalog (Custom/Ads, One Listing, Two Listings, Market Updates, Advertorial/Text Only, Referrals). Change your selection every issue -- or let it carryover issue after issue.
  3. Customize Content -- Enter text. Upload property photo (optional). Approve the proof online. It's that easy!


Questions? -- E-mail Newsletters@GooderGroup.com. For fastest service call (703) 698-7750, ext. 104.

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